Monday, February 16, 2009

J'ai trouvé des vieilles photos de mon lac

Random photos

C'est son derrière, pas son devant en passant

Actée, une plante indigène au Québec

Angélique qui n'est pas revenue après l'hiver

Pépé, non il ne sent pas la fleur

Lys blanc
I finally did some needle work on Sunday and it was about time. I bought some cheep reading glasses and proceeded to like needle craft once more. I abandoned it a few years ago when my eyes started to see blurry things and I got frustrated a lot. Not pocking in the right spot and all and pricking my fingers a lot. I took the bull by the horn and made a hanky with a drawing my husband did years ago of my late dog Domino Doberdoodoo. I loved that dog. It's not fantastic but it's a start.

See the similarities!

And I did a little couture. We bought the piano bench last summer at an auction and Grant said it was not very comfortable. I found some great fabric at Etsy . So now all he needs is a little poof to put his foot up when he plays guitar. I can't believe I'm encouraging him. I must be going deaf as well.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


Porte de Limeuil

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Scarf in Therapi - Therapeutic Therapy

I made this scarf to avoid doing lace and I really wanted to use this yarn for a spring item.

Here goes: 

2 skeins of Therapi from SWTC

5.5 mm needles

Stitch pattern is a multiple of 6 and I think I used a 4 stitch border on each side. If I remember correctly  I used 26 stitches total.

Row 1 = *Wyb sl 1, k2, psso, k3*
Row 2 = *P4, yo, p1*
Row 3 =  *K3, wyb sl1, k2, psso*
Row 4 = *P1, yo, p4*

P = purl
K = knit
Wyb = with yarn in back (knit position)
Yo = yarn over
Sl 1 = slip one
Psso = pass the slip stich over (in this case, over the two k2 done right after)

Cast on 26 stitches

Knit 4 rows of garter stitches or a border stitch of your choice
Start pattern but don't forget your 4 border stitches at the beginning and the end of your piece of knitting and knit as long as you like, finish with 4 rows of your choosen border and cast off.
Tidy, block and enjoy.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Project Doorway

Trémolat again.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

La tour Eiffel

Just a little dishcloth on a landmark theme.

One skein of Bernat Handicrafter and 4,5 mm needles.

Cast on 46 stitches (or a multiple of 8 stitches + 6 stitches for the border)

K = knit
P = purl
B = border stitches
P2t = purl 2 together
Yo = yarn over

Knit 4 rows or a chosen border and then begin the pattern:

Row 1: B3, *yo, p2t, p6* repeat until 3 stitches left and b3
Rows 2, 4, 6: B3, *k7, p1* repeat until 3 stitches left and b3
Rows 3, 5, 7: B3, *k1, p7* repeat until 3 stitches left and b3
Rows 8 and 16: b3, p all, b3
Row 9: B3, *p4, yo, p2t, p2* repeat until 3 stitches left and b3
Rows 10, 12, 14: B3, *k3, p1, k4* repeat until 3 stitches left and b3
Rows 11, 13, 15: B3, *p4, k1, p3

I did 3 repeat of the pattern but you can do one more for a squarer cloth. (It tend to be rectangular after a wash)

Finish with 4 rows in knit or a chosen border, tidy up and get that soap and in the shower you go with a gorgeous french, olive oil soap.