Monday, February 16, 2009

I finally did some needle work on Sunday and it was about time. I bought some cheep reading glasses and proceeded to like needle craft once more. I abandoned it a few years ago when my eyes started to see blurry things and I got frustrated a lot. Not pocking in the right spot and all and pricking my fingers a lot. I took the bull by the horn and made a hanky with a drawing my husband did years ago of my late dog Domino Doberdoodoo. I loved that dog. It's not fantastic but it's a start.

See the similarities!

And I did a little couture. We bought the piano bench last summer at an auction and Grant said it was not very comfortable. I found some great fabric at Etsy . So now all he needs is a little poof to put his foot up when he plays guitar. I can't believe I'm encouraging him. I must be going deaf as well.