Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Parc du Mont Tremblant, P.Q.

Des petites photos du parc du Mont-Tremblant, secteur l'Assomption à 40 minutes de chez nous. Le parc est vraiment très beau.

Lac de l'Assomption

Lac des Cyprès

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Encore des lavettes

La lavette de la semaine.

Je m'enniue de l'été


L'herbe tendre. Les cailloux croustillants. Le soleil aveuglant. L'air parfumée. Les feuilles au vent.


Lac Pierre, St-Alphonse-Rodriguez

Ma maison est quelque part dans la montagne

A beautiful weekend

It was a very nice weekend but so cold. Brr! Our lake has been cleared for walking and skating. It's about 4 km long to walk around it and I live 1 km up the mountain. It's a healthy stroll. Unfortunately, these days I feel pretty flat and not chatty at all so I guess I'll make picture entries instead and lay off the words until I become verbal again.

At night on my balcony. Looks like Christmas again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

In My Room

-31ºC dehors. Fait frêtte.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Les lavettes

Les Lavettes de ce matin sont sèches pas pour longtemps.

Mon lunch.Wow! C'est vraiment excitant aujourd'hui.

Bon ben faut que j'aille me laver. 

Ca fait plusieurs heures que j'y pense.

@+ bientôt

Bliss ou Nirvana

L'art de relaxer. J'ai la grippe aujourd'hui et il fait -20º C, alors je fait comme Pépé. Rien. Me sent pas coupable, ch'u malade. Enfin un peu car j'ai de la visite demain et il faut nettoyer la maison. Demain. Le soleil est éblouissant et ca fait des belles photos. J'en ai fait avec mes lavettes de mon groupe de Ravelry. Oui encore des lavettes. C'est mon blog après tout et je met ce qui me tente dedans. Je vais à la campagne vendredi, je vais avoir de meilleurs photos et histoire peut-être?

J'aimerais dire bonjour à mon amie Christine et à sa famille. Christine, ce blog est une sorte de journal et compte rendu de ce qui se passe par chez nous. Tu peux y voir des photos sans avoir à les "loader" dans ton ordi. Juste regarder et rire un peu j'espère. Il est bilingue et ca pratiquera ton anglais un petit peu. En fin de semaine je prendrai des photos autour du lac et ca va te rappeler des souvenirs. A bientôt.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ma Bibitte

I made my little "bibittes à patates"  (ladybug) with my "dishcloth weekly kal" from Ravelry. I never followed a "knit along" before but I have to admit, I really like it for some unknown reason.  I also tough that dishcloth knitting was like doilies knitting: granny-ish. My granny use to crochet the most horrid things including a crochet dress for me to wear for my sister's wedding (in the '70's), in Pentex Yarn if you please. But those people at Ravelry changed my mind completely. And they're so nice, it's unbelievable. 
Now, for those unfamiliar with Phentex, what can I say. Take the roughest acrylic, plasticky yarn and you have it. it even feel greasy but a lot of people make slippers out of them which are pretty well padded but you end up with clammy feet after a while.
I have a few balls and I think it would be good to make tawashi with them. Keep you posted.
My conclusion: I can't wait to make more of those dishcloths.

Monday, January 12, 2009


To begin with, this blog will contain french and english entries as well as various subjects such as knitting, photography, travelling, food, motorcycling learning bass playing as well as Japanese, cats, arts, books and blah blahs. So you can see the dilemmas about where and how to classify such a "blog".  But dilemmas are not us. Well not for long anyway. So I'll begin with the Redpath Museum in Montreal. 

Sunday I went to the Redpath Museum on the McGill University Campus. The Redpath is a wonderful natural history museum and free on top of this. I saw Sara the triceratops who's 65 millions years old the poor old girl. She was found in Saskatchewan. I also saw an Albertosaurus that you can see here
There was some mommies there as well as a very nice collection of rocks, anthropology and more fascinating stuff. Don't you just love museums. I could not stay for long but I'll return shortly and try to include pictures in my entry next time.