Monday, January 12, 2009


To begin with, this blog will contain french and english entries as well as various subjects such as knitting, photography, travelling, food, motorcycling learning bass playing as well as Japanese, cats, arts, books and blah blahs. So you can see the dilemmas about where and how to classify such a "blog".  But dilemmas are not us. Well not for long anyway. So I'll begin with the Redpath Museum in Montreal. 

Sunday I went to the Redpath Museum on the McGill University Campus. The Redpath is a wonderful natural history museum and free on top of this. I saw Sara the triceratops who's 65 millions years old the poor old girl. She was found in Saskatchewan. I also saw an Albertosaurus that you can see here
There was some mommies there as well as a very nice collection of rocks, anthropology and more fascinating stuff. Don't you just love museums. I could not stay for long but I'll return shortly and try to include pictures in my entry next time.