Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ma Bibitte

I made my little "bibittes à patates"  (ladybug) with my "dishcloth weekly kal" from Ravelry. I never followed a "knit along" before but I have to admit, I really like it for some unknown reason.  I also tough that dishcloth knitting was like doilies knitting: granny-ish. My granny use to crochet the most horrid things including a crochet dress for me to wear for my sister's wedding (in the '70's), in Pentex Yarn if you please. But those people at Ravelry changed my mind completely. And they're so nice, it's unbelievable. 
Now, for those unfamiliar with Phentex, what can I say. Take the roughest acrylic, plasticky yarn and you have it. it even feel greasy but a lot of people make slippers out of them which are pretty well padded but you end up with clammy feet after a while.
I have a few balls and I think it would be good to make tawashi with them. Keep you posted.
My conclusion: I can't wait to make more of those dishcloths.